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Underwater Security Net 2000



The Underwater Security Net 2000 has been designed to keep intruders out of restricted areas. As soon as an intruder tries to break through the net, an alarm signal will be generated and appears on the alarm monitor in the Surveillance Centre.

The Underwater Security Net 2000 is composed of single modules which can be each replaced separately. An integrated gate allows free passing of authorized ships.

The fibre optic alarm net with a detection capability of 100 % is maintenance free for a life time of minimum 15 years.

In order to stabilise the fence, mooring piles are installed every 15 – 20 metres.



On every single module there is a flashlight installed which can give an optical alarm signal.

The optic fibre cable is inserted in the stainless steel wire of the net construction.

The optic fibre of each 5 m module is connected on one side to an optical transmitter and on the other side to an optical receiver. In a given time sequence a pulse will be transmitted through the optic fibre to measure the transition.

In case of a damage of the net, the signal of the transmitter does not reach the receiver and the red flashlight in the middle part of the net starts flashing and an alarm signal appears on the alarm monitor in the Surveillance Centre.


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