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Tanker Docking System


The Tanker Docking System is designed to easy up the work of the tag boat drivers. A tanker is driven parallel to the attained place on the jetty, at a given distance. Then two tag boats are coming to manoeuvre the tanker to the final position on the jetty. One tag boat is pushing the bow and the other one the stern towards the jetty.

To give the tag boat drivers an idea about the distance between tanker and jetty they will be equipped with a display, which shows the position of the tanker, the distance of stern / bow to the jetty and also the velocity of each tag boat. With this information the tag boat drivers can easily adjust their speed to the given situation.

The captain of the tanker can watch the docking procedure on a big LED display which is installed on the jetty. One LED display shows the information for the both berths starboard and port of the jetty. For a jetty with 8 berths, 4 LED displays are required.

Six sensors will be placed under the waterline along both jetty sides. These sensors are connected via cable with a PC placed near the appropriate LED display. The collected data from the sensors will be processed and transformed into an expressive / informative display picture.

The 6 sensors for each berth guarantee an interruption-free performance, even if one sensor fails. Therefore, the meantime between failures of the system is very high. An additional advantage of using underwater sensors is to be independent of any weather conditions.

An additional radar system which is controlling the berths, can assist to find a free berth for the tanker. The collected data are transferred to a PC, where it will be processed. The information about the spots will be sent via WLAN to a traffic light at the top of each jetty. This traffic light signifies the free berths with a green light and the occupied berths with a red light.

The system in this example consists of a PC which is controlling 12 sonar systems, 6 at the starboard- and 6 at the port side of the jetty.


Download Specifications & Block Diagram:

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