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Mobile Acoustic Range


The Mobile Accoustic Range is a platform for measurement of radiated noise and sea ambient noise. It is developed and succsessful tested on surface ships and submarines. It provides all standard methods of noise processing, analysis and display (BB and NB Spectrum, DEMON, waterfall, zoom, time domain, statistics)

There is included a platform for managing the measurement results with playback and post analysis of measurement data.

Mobile Accustion Range is easy to deploy (Communication between buoy and measurement ship via Radio LAN) and accurate in tracking of tested platform (Frequency range 5 to 10kHz, Vertical array with beamformer for high processing gain against quiet platform.)


Cavitation & Flow Noise Measurement System (SN 2000A)

As add on to the Mobile Acoustic Range, the SN 2000A can be used as cavitation- & flow noise measurement system and as countermeasure system.

The system consists of a linear array, a signal conditioner and a laptop. All sensors (4 sub-arrays and 2 single hydrophones) are in one vertical oil-filled array.

One hydrophone measures the countermeasure systems, one hydrophone the cavitation noise, while the 4 sub-arrays are measuring the flow noise of ships, torpedos and submarines.

The vertical array is connected to a signal conditioner & processing unit. The PC in the processing unit is attached via a LAN cable with the GUI unit, a laptop.

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