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Submarine Rescue Sonar


A search sonar for crashed submarines laying at the bottom of the sea!

To guarantee the operational readiness of such a rescue sonar over the whole year under harsh environmental conditions a combined active and passive sonar was chosen that is able to operate in variable depths of the sea.

The SRS is a combined active- and passive sonar system that can be towed in variable depths .The optimum depth will be calculated due to the measured sound velocity profile.

The active sonar part consists of orthogonal antennas, two vertical transmitting arrays and a horizontal receiving array.The aim of the active sonar is to detect small submarines at the bottom of the sea to ranges up to 6 km even under unfavourable bottom backscattering conditions.

The passive sonar part consists of a horizontal nested hydrophone array. The aim of the passive sonar is to detect the knocking noise generated inside the crashed submarine.